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How Long Does An AC Unit Last in Texas?

An efficiently working air conditioner unit is necessary with the infamous Texas heat and humidity. Therefore, ensuring that your home air conditioning system stays up-to-date and runs well throughout the hot summer months is essential. While your AC unit does not last forever, it can work for a long time, depending on multiple factors.

How Long Does the AC Last?

Overall the lifespan of a well-maintained central air conditioning system is around 15 to 25 years. In contrast, window AC units typically last for a decade. Therefore, as the summer is approaching, you should get your unit serviced from an AC repair in Port Aransas.

Things That Affect the Lifespan of Your Air Conditioner

  • Size and type of the system
    When considering the air conditioner’s lifespan, we must remember that not every system is built similarly. Although most plans include the same fundamental parts needed to run them, some may be more durable and contain higher quality components than others. 
    We might think that a more extensive condition will last longer and work efficiently, but if the unit is too big for an area, it will not remove humidity adequately. On the other hand, teams that are too small will have to work hard to obtain a comfortable temperature. therefore proper size is the key not only when considering how well the AC performs but for how long it will continue to run 
  • Proper installation
    Having a professional come out and install your system ensures that it is done right. You should contact the nearest air conditioning services in Port Aransas, TX, to get your unit installed. 
    The installation process requires the measurements for the correct unit sizing and electrical, room work, right insulation, and duct installation. Proper insulation allows them to perform well at their peak and increases their lifespan.
  • Frequency of use
    Some people turn on the air-conditioner when they are not at home so that they will be excellent; however, an efficient AC unit cools home quickly. When the AC is on for longer, it puts pressure on the evaporator coil. 
    It can cause the unit to freeze; this reduces the unit’s lifespan and can also cause potential dangers in frozen coils that can damage the compressor by forcing the liquid refrigerant to flow back.
  • The age of the unit 
    As the unit ages, the lifespan reduces. The old system will have to work harder to operate efficiently and keep the room cool. If you fail to maintain your system and schedule regular maintenance, it will no longer cool your home as expected. 
    Over time, you will have to replace some parts or the entire system. In addition, failure to tune up the maintenance unit can result in frequent repairs. Therefore, it is necessary to have it serviced at least once or twice annually by a professional.

Hire the Best Air Conditioning Services in Port Aransas, TX

Over time, AC units can show signs of wear and tear, such as overflowing condensate, leaking refrigerant, failed compressors, or clogged ducts; in this case, contact the nearest AC repair in Port Aransas. Also, contact Comfort Design to ensure your system is In good working condition and well maintained. 

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