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How to Choose the Correct Heater Size?

Texas winters can be pretty harsh on homeowners as temperatures drop considerably during peak times. However, a fully-functional heating system can provide your comfort amid colder weather. Whether you plan to support a new heating unit or replace your old one, hiring our professionals for your heating installation in Port Aransas is a step in the right direction.

One significant factor that comes to many people’s minds when planning a heating installation is calculating the furnace size. There is more to consider than the physical dimensions, as many more factors come into play.

Furnace sizes and their significance

To select a suitable size for your heating system, you need to be acquainted with the unit of measurement. A BTU (British thermal unit) is the energy and size measurement to determine your room’s heating capacity. In addition, it is essential to get hold of the correct furnace size since it provides the following benefits:

  • Less power consumption. 
  • Fewer calls to heating repair experts in Port Aransas
  • Enhanced efficiency of furnace system
  • Maintained heating maintenance costs.
  • Good airflow and improved indoor air quality.
  • Fewer comfort problems and safe operation.

How to determine the size of the heating appliance?

The physical dimensions of your home play an essential part in deciding the size of the heating appliance. In addition to that, other factors come into play are:

  • The amount of insulation needed.
  • Heat transmission between walls.
  • Location of your house.
  • The lighting of the space.
  • The number of family members residing.
  • Overall size of the home.
  • Roof style and its color.
  • Climatic situation.
  • The total number of windows available in the room.
  • Height of the ceilings.

How to calculate your heating unit's size?

To estimate the appropriate size of your heating appliance, you can calculate by following three methods:

If you want to calculate manually, you must multiply the length times by the width of the space you need to warm. Next, multiply the product by 25 BTU. For instance, your room is 12 feet wide by 15 feet long. It means it will be 180 square feet (12×15). This 180 square feet sum should be multiplied by 25 BTU per square foot to determine your total heating capacity.

You can estimate the heating appliance size by considering the room size. However, it is more reasonable to take our professional’s recommendation instead of counting.

Is buying a massive furnace system better?

Many individuals think installing a bigger and more powerful heating appliance for your home is better, but our professional heating installation experts in Port Aransas say otherwise. Installing an oversized heating appliance can cause the following issues:

  • Initially, the installation price becomes expensive.
  • Short cycling issues will reduce the furnace system’s lifespan.
  • Power bills will be more since the device will consume more energy.
  • Repair expenses can be costly.


Comfort Design Air Conditioning & Heating professionals can ease the burden of selecting the perfect heating system because our experts will help you find one by considering all the factors listed above. Whether you plan to install or replace your heating device, call our heating repair and replacement experts in Port Aransas for an accurate estimation at (361) 749-5162.

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