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When Should You Replace The AC Unit?

When you are considering upgrading your air conditioning system, you can go with an AC repair in Port Aransas or you can replace your AC unit with a newer model that has proven more efficient. You can expect to save money over time by upgrading to a newer system.

Facts you want to know about AC replacement

  • ACs are environmentally friendly since they don’t emit any greenhouse gasses.
  • AC uses 10% – 20% less energy than traditional HVAC systems.
  • ACs can provide comfort levels similar to those provided by conventional HVAC systems while using less energy.
  • Replacing your AC will reduce your cooling costs in peak summer.
  • Air conditioners are made of plastic, aluminium, steel, copper, and glass, which makes them non-toxic and causes no harm if broken.

When to replace your AC unit

When you notice any problems with your AC unit or your AC unit is running poorly, it may be a good idea to replace it. Also, when your AC unit is no longer efficient, you’ll need to use more energy to run your AC.

Five signs your AC unit needs replacement

  • Dust buildup

When your AC unit begins to produce a lot of dust, dust buildup in your AC unit could indicate that it needs to be replaced.

  • Stops working suddenly

When your AC unit stops working, if your AC unit stops working, then it’s a sign that it’s time to replace your AC unit.

  • Your air conditioner stops cooling your home

If your AC suddenly stops working, this could mean a problem with the compressor or the condenser coil. If you notice these symptoms, call a professional for AC repair in Port Aransas.

  • You hear loud banging noises coming from your air conditioner

It can indicate that the fan belt has broken or the motor is not turning properly.

  • You notice condensation dripping from the vents

If you are noticing water dripping from the vents, this could mean that your evaporator coil is clogged.

AC Maintenance Tips

Here are some tips to avoid frequent air conditioner repair in Port Aransas:

  • Clean the filter regularly to remove any dust and dirt particles present.
  • Check the thermostat frequently to make sure that the temperature setting is correct.
  • Condensation can lead to mold growth. To prevent this, you should keep your indoor environment at around 50% relative humidity.

How To Choose The Right Replacements For Your Air Conditioner

Consider the following points when choosing the perfect replacement for your air conditioner:

  • Energy efficiency

The first thing should be energy efficiency. You should consider the amount of power used per unit of cooling.

  • Noise level

Another factor to consider is noise level. Look for units that have low noise levels.

  • Warranty

Look for a warranty that covers parts and labour. Most manufacturers offer warranties ranging from 2 years to 10 years.


If you do not take care of your AC properly, you could replace it much sooner than expected. It is best & fast to call a professional HVAC contractor to inspect your AC unit before making any replacement decisions. Comfort Design Inc. provides the best AC replacement in Port Aransas.

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